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(national archery in the schools program)

How exciting would it be for you to be able to provide your students with a life-time skill that nearly 90% of them will enjoy, a skill that they all can do well whether they are athletically gifted or physically challenged. A skill that your students will enjoy so much that they eagerly embrace the discipline and responsibility required to participate, a skill that will excite many of your students who are not regularly excited about their PE time......


The first step in our commitment to the hunting community is promoting the practice and mastery of shooting accurately. As sportsmen we should all strive for clean shots and harvest of game. Shooting events keep us sharp in the off season and build relationships with other knowledgeable hunters.

The Hunting VP has a seat on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Game Management Advisory Council (GMAC). The GMAC has a diverse group of sportsmen that advise the WDFW and its commissioners on all manner of wildlife issues such as season setting, equipment changes, and wildlife human conflict to name a few.

The Hunting VP and our Hunting Committee keep track of issues that affect archers and hunters in general. It is our goal to be a source of information, direction and calls to action to defend our sport.

WSAA is also a member of Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation which is a coalition of sportsmen groups that work together to advance the tenet of scientific wildlife management and protect the rights of Washington State conservationists, sportsmen and sportswomen.

WSAA maintains a program of Big Game Awards to recognize hunter achievement. For details and application forms click:

Big Game Awards Program

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The Quiver is the Official publication of the Washington State Archery Association

The Quiver is published quarterly, with editions produced January, April, July and October. 

Each issue is posted here and is also mailed to WSAA members who request mail delivery.

Current year's editions are available for download below, and past years in the Archives folder.

Click to view the latest Quiver editions:


Washington State Archery Association conducts six State Championship tournaments each year, in the disciplines of Indoor Multi-Color, Indoor Blueface, Safari, Marked 3D, Field, and Outdoor Target. We also conduct two Mail-In tournaments, one using the Multi-Color target face, and one using the NFAA Blueface target. Registration for these events is conducted online through this page.

We also manage a Calendar of Events to help our Clubs and Shops publicize their activities. Any WSAA Chartered Club or Shop can request their events to be listed on the WSAA Calendar.

WSAA Clubs and Shops regularly host the NFAA NW Indoor Sectional - along with at least one site in each state in the NW Section (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming).

WSAA Clubs also host the NFAA NW Outdoor Sectional in rotation with the other states in the NW Section.

The National Field Archery Association conducts a National Outdoor (Field) Championship tournament each year, which rotates through East, Central, and West locations. Darrington Washington is usually the western site.

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